MARQ Gesture Beam 500 Moving Light | GEAR REVIEW

  • By Adrien Martin
  • 28 Jul, 2017

Hey there!


I a little while ago I created my first YouTube video reviewing the MARQ Gesture Beam 500 moving head. I decided this blog would be a good place to add the original video with a transcript.

Let me know what you guys think about the light! Would it make a great addition to your party?


ADRIEN: Hello and welcome to my review of the MARQ Gesture Beam 500.




ADRIEN: This fixture is somewhat compact and weighs in at around 25 pounds.


ADRIEN: The build quality is REALLY nice. The light is made with a hard plastic shell that looks durable. There’s two handles on the sides to help you lift the light into place, making it REALLY easy to carry.


ADRIEN: The beam is powered by a 120 Watt LED that produces 97,100 lux at 3 meters. The light comes out at a 5 degree beam angle, keeping that beam effect.


ADRIEN: There’s a neat display on the front with some buttons to change the settings.


ADRIEN: On the back, you’ll find your standard 3-pin DMX in and out slots and a place for the power cable. I was happy to find that this light also comes with a power out slot, making it really easy to daisy chain other lights. There’s also an on and off switch which is cool feature for people who need it. If you’re rigging this high up, just don’t forget to turn your light on.




ADRIEN: While we’re talking about rigging, Marq provides a handy quarter-turn OMEGA bracket. This makes it nicer so you don’t have to pull out any kind of tool.


ADRIEN: The light moves around pretty fast, so it’s a good idea to keep the clamps tight.




ADRIEN: The Gesture Beam has 2 different wheels, one for COLOR, and one for GOBOS.


ADRIEN: The color wheel has 8 different colors plus white. You can also do split colors and color scrolling.


ADRIEN: The gobo wheel has 8 gobos. Each of them can use the shake feature or can be scrolled through.


ADRIEN: There’s also an 8 facet prism to make some cool midair effects. I was disappointed to find out that only the prism can be indexed and not the individual gobos.


ADRIEN: The gesture beam also comes with a frost filter and motorized focus.




ADRIEN: The shutter allows for REALLY fast strobe and pulse effects.


ADRIEN: The gesture beam 500 comes with some pre programmed light shows which you can access through the menu. Theres also a sound active mode if you don’t want to use DMX. Unlike the newer American DJ and Chauvet lights, the gesture beam doesn’t come with IR remote capabilities.




ADRIEN: Well that concludes the review of the Gesture Beam 500 from Marq Lighting.


ADRIEN: It would be nice if the fixture allowed for gobo indexing rather than prism indexing.


ADRIEN: But otherwise, this is an exceptional light for the price. I have been really happy with it and can’t wait to show it off at my next event.


ADRIEN: If you want more information about the light, please visit the link in the description for all the specs.


ADRIEN: Please let me know if you have any questions and what you thought about this video down in the comments section. I’ll see you guys next time!

This new fixture has been added to the Mega Lux  and Grand Lux  packages.
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